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Tennessee Voter Registration and Early Voting Dates

General Resources


Ballotpedia is an online encyclopedia about American politics and elections whose editors are committed to neutrality in an effort to provide accurate and objective information. Search by your zip code to find information on candidates at the local, state, and federal level for the current election.


Find federal and state election results, information about current representatives and candidates for upcoming elections. The states summary pages provide a snapshot of each state’s representatives, its voting guidelines, and the results of recent key votes in the State Congress.


Carter County Election Commission

The official site of the Carter County Election Commission provides voters in Carter County with the basic information they need to locate their local election office, polling locations, and a sample ballot for the upcoming election.

Johnson City Government

See a map of Johnson City’s government structure, read the agendas and minutes for City Commission meetings, or look at the city’s budget to find out what services are supported by the city and how they are funded.

Johnson City Press: Politics

Local newspapers are an excellent source for important details about upcoming elections and the candidates. Read articles from the Johnson City Press on issues related to local, state, and national politics.

Washington County Election Commission

This is the official websites of the Washington County Election Commission. Find election dates and voting locations, and a sample ballot for the upcoming election.

Washington County Government

Learn about the role and work of the different offices, and find out more about the current holders of office.

WCYB: Politics

Take a look at WCYB’s coverage of local, state, and national politics, including upcoming elections.

WJHL: Politics

Watch video clips of features from News Channel 11 on local, state, and national politics, including upcoming elections.


Tennessee Division of Elections

Find out your voting status and precinctregister to vote in the upcoming election, and read the latest news about upcoming elections.

Tennessee General Assembly

The Help & FAQs provide details on how to use the Bill Search to see whether a bill passed or how a representative voted. Also find out how to contact State Senators and House representatives. Read about the process of how a bill becomes a law.


Federal Election Commission

The Federal Election Commission provides campaign finance data. View graphical representations of campaign spending by state and by political party.


Track bills and resolutions at the federal and state levels, and check the voting records of federal and state Congress members.


Follow the money on legislators and legislation. Find out which interest groups support or oppose a certain bill, and see which interest groups gave a contribution to a certain Congress member within a short window of time after voting on a bill. One interesting feature is the map of contributions, which provides a geographic snapshot of a politician’s contributions.


Search by state or by issue to find the voting records of Congress members and a collection of their quotes on key issues. This website also provides historical information on former office holders.


OpenSecrets tracks campaign finances for presidential and congressional elections, funding behind congressional committees, and the personal finances of federal government officials. Learn about interest groups, lobbyists, and PACs and how they influence the federal government through finances.

Visit the Government and Law section of the Online Information Desk for more information about government officials running for office.

Return to the Online Information Desk to find more online resources. If you need additional assistance finding information, contact the Johnson City Public Library Information Desk at (423) 434-4454.

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