Learning to Read English

Whether you are new to the English language or an English speaker learning to read, these websites will help you practice and build your skills. For more English as a Second Language websites, visit the Languages and Literature page.

Learn English with GCF LearnFree.org

The Goodwill Foundation’s outstanding LearnFree.org educational website provides interactive tutorials for ESL students in seven different languages and simple English tools to help improve vocabulary and reading skills.


“We believe in lifelong learning as a path towards opportunity and fulfillment. As individuals increase their literacy and basic skills they are able to secure better jobs, manage their personal lives, advocate for themselves, enhance their parenting skills, and contribute more to their community. In short, they improve the quality of their lives and communities.” (From their website 8/13/2014) One of the helpful literacy resources Literacyworks provides is Learning Resources. Find current and archived news articles along with tools to help build vocabulary, word selection, and test your reading comprehension.

The Times in Plain English

This news site pulls articles of current topics from major U.S. newspapers such as the New York Times and puts them in plain and easy to read English. You can even sign up to receive The Times in Plain English through your e-mail.

USA Learns

Create a free account to learn how to read and speak useful beginning and intermediate level English. You can read the text on your own or you can listen to someone else read the text aloud.


Return to the Online Information Desk to find more online resources. If you need additional assistance finding information, contact the Johnson City Public Library Information Desk at (423) 434-4454.