Adult Creative Makerspace: Doodle Word Art

When was the last time you simply doodled, letting your mind wander as you drew spontaneous patterns? We’re offering adults an opportunity to do just that in our upcoming Adult Creative Makerspace! Come to the Buffalo Mountain Room on Thursday, January 3 from 2-4 p.m. to create doodle word art to take home with you.

Doodle art is simple creative play that can be done anywhere at any time. All it requires is paper and pens, and the ability to draw simple shapes and lines. According to Adult Services Library Clerk Pam Murray, doodle art is sometimes called “visual wandering.” While doodling may seem inconsequential for adults, Pam says it can serve an important function in everyday life. “Research shows that doodling helps with focus, learning new concepts, and retaining information because it clears the mind and lessens stress.”

Pam chose doodle art for this makerspace because it can be a form of “active meditation.” This project will focus on doodling one word, such as “Believe” (seen in the image above). Pam wants to give participants space to reflect on who they want to be in 2019 and then doodle a word that will serve as a visual reminder of that all year.

The Adult Makerspace program is an ongoing series that meets the first Thursday of every month. It gives adults an opportunity for creative expression through “make and take” projects. Each month features a new artistic style and method; past events have included projects such as creating journals, wind chimes, and sand art. Please note that our Adult Makerspace events are for adults only, and not for children, so that participants can relax and have time for themselves.​ (Plus, tools are often used that are not appropriate for children.)

For more information on other adult programs, call 423-434-4454, check out, or visit the Information Desk on the second floor of the library.

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