Adulting 101: Budgeting

Managing personal finances can be overwhelming, but we are here to help! Join us on Tuesday, August 21 from 6:00-7:00 PM for Adulting 101: Budgeting, a class on learning how to take charge of your money. It will be hosted by the Washington County UT Extension Office in JCPL’s computer lab, and is open to anyone ages 15+ who has registered. Registration for this event is required, and you can register here. While it is targeted to teens, anyone interested in learning the basics of personal finance is welcome. As Lisa Krekelberg, Adult Services Librarian at JCPL, says, “This event is open to teens as young as 15 because that’s when they are starting to get jobs, thinking about college and careers, and beginning to earn money to manage.”

This class is the second installment in Adulting 101, a new quarterly series aimed at helping teens and adults with personal and professional development. According to Katelyn Wolfe, Teen Librarian, the idea for the series came from teens expressing interest in learning life skills that often have to be learned on their own. The first class covered job searching and applying. Because it is a new series, Katelyn says that future topics are not set in stone and she is open to new ideas. She says “we’ve talked about covering subjects like car maintenance or sewing skills. I’d also love to see us do something that is really relevant to older teens, like dorm room meal prep.”

While managing money can feel mysterious, Lisa says, “we want to demystify it for people.” We are grateful to the Washington County UT Extension Office for partnering with us to help teach these valuable skills. The Extension Office provides research generated information and publications on a variety of topics, including managing personal finances. For a list of helpful resources on saving for the future, using credit responsibly, and handling financial emergencies, click here.

For more information on future Adulting 101 topics, contact Katelyn Wolfe at (423) 434-4450 ext. 4349, or

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