Artful Aging: New Workshops Underway

For the past two years, your library has provided skills-focused art classes led by professional artists for people ages 50+. These free multi-session workshops are part of the library’s Artful Aging program, which has offered participants the opportunity to explore new art forms in a welcoming atmosphere. Past workshops include Appalachian music, storytelling, poetry, acting, sculpture, and photography. Artful Aging is tailored to give first-time artists the support, skills, and materials needed to take the plunge into art-making.

Adult Services Librarian Lisa Williams says that Artful Aging is vitally important and fulfilling for participants. “Ample research has shown that hands-on art practice benefits older people’s cognitive, physical, and emotional health. Expressing your own unique vision through a creative discipline is inherently empowering and invigorating.” She notes that it has been inspirational over the last two years to see people empowered by learning new skills later in life. “People can’t get enough of the self-expression, connection, and expertise offered in these workshops. Even if they’ve never touched an instrument or stood on a stage, participants learn new skills in a supportive community.”

Your library began two new Artful Aging workshops this week: Black and White Film and Darkroom Photography and Art Appreciation. These free five-week courses run from July 29-August 28. Find details about our current workshops below, and learn about past Artful Aging workshops here and on Facebook and Instagram.

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Black and White Film and Darkroom Photography
This introductory black and white darkroom photography course will cover the following: manual camera operation; using black and white film; developing negatives and printing positives; and print finishing. The course is designed to provide a technical understanding of the tools and materials associated with darkroom photography, as well as the confidence to create a coherent body of work.

Beginning on Monday, July 29, this photography workshop will meet in ETSU’s Ball Hall on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 p.m. It will be taught by ETSU Art & Design Executive Aide Amber Farley, who you can email or call at 423-439-4247 for more information about the course.

Art Appreciation
This course is an exploration of visual art forms and their cultural and historical connections. It is designed for those with little visual art experience. The course includes a brief study of art history and an in-depth inquiry into the elements, media, and methods of a wide range of creative processes. Students will learn a five-step system for developing an understanding of the visual arts. They will also be encouraged to keep a working sketchbook that includes quotes, personal thoughts, art critiques, drawings, and watercolor painting.

Beginning on Monday, July 29, Art Appreciation will meet in ETSU’s Ball Hall on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-5 p.m. It will be taught by Angelique Lynch, an adjunct professor in ETSU’s Art & Design Department. You can email her or call 423-741-4245 for more information about the course.

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