Book Discussion: “The World Through a Woman’s Eyes”

Jessie A. Ackermann, an American social reformer, feminist, writer, and world traveler in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, wrote in 1913: “There is nothing in life that can compare with the delights of thinking. To grasp an idea and travel with it through a long process of evolution; to live with it, cherish it, compelling unfoldment that reveals hidden treasures, to run along with it, although the chase ends in mental chaos where one lands in the solitudes and waste places of thought, is joy unbounded.” This sentiment speaks not only to Ackermann’s love of learning and knowledge, but also to her extensive, tireless global travels. Her exploration led her around the globe many times, to far flung places such as Japan and Australia. Ahead of her time, Ackermann traveled as an advocate for equal political, legal, and property rights for women.

Join us in discussing this fascinating woman and her 1896 book, The World through a Woman’s Eyes, on Saturday, October 6 at 4:30 p.m. We will explore the ideas, observations, and revolutionary stances that Ackermann expresses in this detailed account of her global travels and cultural studies. A copy of the book is available for free here. For more information, contact Adult Services at 423-434-4454.

This book discussion is being held in conjunction with ETSU’s Reece Museum. The museum’s current exhibit, The World through a Woman’s Eyes, is now open and runs through Friday, October 12.

(Fun fact: this world traveler lived in Johnson City in the 1920’s! Do you think she ever visited the Johnson City Public Library?)

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