Book Scouts: Gamer Reads

This week is International Games Week, so what better way to celebrate than with some gaming-related reads? Whether it’s a book about your favorite video game or a story about playing with friends, you’re bound to enjoy these suggestions even if you aren’t a gamer!

School Age Program Coordinator Jennifer Johnson introduces some of her favorites in the video below, and there are even more in the following list. While these titles are mostly for kids, gamers of any age can enjoy them.

Click the titles in the list to browse and put them on hold for curbside pickup. For more book recommendations, take a look at our book lists page, or order a Book Bundle. Call (423) 434-4458 for more information on any of these titles.

Picture Books

On a Magical Do-Nothing Day by Beatrice Alemagna

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt

Super Happy Magic Forest (and sequel) by Matty Long

The Lost Book by Margarita Surnaite


Graphic Novels

Adventure Time: Pixel Princesses by Danielle Corsetto

Glitch by Sarah Graley

Chasma Knights by Kate Reed Petty


Chapter Books

Josh Baxter Levels Up by Gavin Brown

Press Start! (series) by Thomas Flintham

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library (series) by Chris Grabenstein

You Go First by Erin Entrada Kelly

Slacker by Gordon Korman

War Stories by Gordon Korman

Con Quest! By Sam Maggs

The Nerdy Dozen by Jeff Miller

Unbelievably Boring Bart by James Patterson

Gamer Army by Trent Reedy

The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi

My Life as a Gamer by Janet Tashjian

Jumanji and Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg



Video Games: Design and Code Your Own Adventure with 17 Projects by Kathy Ceceri

Nintendo Video Game Designer Shigeru Miyamoto by Kari Cornell

Cool Careers Without College for People Who Love Video Games by Nicholas Croce

Gamers Unite! The Video Game Revolution by Shane Frederick

Game Design by Jennifer Hackett

Game On! Video Game History from Pong and Pac-Man to Mario, Minecraft, and More by Dustin Hansen

The Crazy Careers of Video Game Designers by Arie Kaplan

The Wild World of Gaming Culture by Arie Kaplan

Pioneers in E-sports by Meg Marquardt

Esports Revolution by Daniel Mauleon

Paid to Game by Daniel Mauleon

STEAM Jobs in Game Development by Kenneth Rosenberg

Video Game Designer by Stephanie Watson

The Guy Who Invented Home Video Games: Ralph Baer and His Awesome Invention by Edwin Wyckoff

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