Book Tasting: Discover New Titles!

Children ages 8-12 are invited to the Jones Meeting Room this Thursday, November 8 at 6:30 p.m. to “taste” a sampling of new books. A smorgasbord of middle grade titles will be available from a variety of genres, including fantasy, realistic fiction, and non-fiction, as well as many others! Children will be able to peruse, build, and diversify their reading lists. Registration is recommended, and you can register here.

Jennifer Johnson, School Age Program Coordinator, sees book tastings as a unique way for kids to get outside of their normal reads and to be exposed to new stories and ideas. She says, “multiple readings of books can certainly be beneficial for children, but reading outside of their comfort zones is always a good thing, too. Sometimes kids get very comfortable with what they’ve read over and over, and are hesitant to try new things.” This event gives children a low-pressure environment in which to sample books. Some finds may be similar to titles they already enjoy, and others may be hidden gems, just waiting to be discovered.

Jennifer says she never had an event like this when she was growing up, but she would have loved it. She remembers, “I was always so excited when the book fair came to school, but then also disappointed because we couldn’t afford much.” The great thing about the library in general, and this book tasting in particular, she says, is that everything is free of charge. “All you need is a hungry imagination!”

For more information about the Book Tasting, contact Jennifer Johnson at 423-434-4348 or Visit our calendar to learn about other upcoming youth events.

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