Examples of recommendations for children in Preschool and Kindergarten

Children’s Nonfiction Series Aid in Virtual Learning

As our kids begin the academic year with virtual learning, you may be looking for books to supplement their online education. Good news: your Library is here for you! Youth Services has a lot of nonfiction series that cover topics for all reading levels. However, we know sometimes it’s intimidating to search for new books, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite series to help you get started. They’re divided into preschool and kindergarten, grades 1-3, and grades 4-6.

To learn more about any of the series below or to check out books, simply click the titles. From there you can browse the books in the series, place holds on them, and pick up at curbside!

Preschool and Kindergarten

Our nonfiction series for preschoolers and kindergarteners feature colorful illustrations and photographs. Some of these books are similar to those you would find in our picture book section, while others are perfect for children learning to read independently.

Series featured in the photo:

Giggle and Learn Toon Books by Kevin McCloskey (Topic: animals)
10 Reasons to Love by Catherine Barr (Topic: animals)
Our Amazing Continents by April Pulley Sayre
Seedlings* (Topics: planets, animals)
Our Favorite Shapes by Beatrice Harris*
Blastoff! Readers* (Topics: animals, community helpers, holidays, geography, vehicles, the body)
Baby Animals by Kate Riggs*

*ABC Early Readers

Grades 1-3

Our nonfiction series for grades 1-3 are packed with facts and engaging illustrations and photographs, and are perfect for supplementing classroom lessons.

Series featured in the photo:

Parts of Speech by Michael Dahl (Topic: language)
I Am by Brad Metzler (Topic: biographies)
Happily Ever Crafter by Annalees Lim (Topic: crafting)
The Truth About by Maxwell Eaton (Topic: animals)
“The Sea Book”, “The Bee Book”, and “The Bat Book” by Charlotte Milner (Topic: animals)
Who Would Win by Jerry Pallotta (Topic: animals)
Searchlight (Topics: planets, government, science, geography)
United States of America by John Hamilton (Topic: states)

Grades 4-6

Our nonfiction books for grades 4-6 feature more text, but still use illustrations and photographs to encourage interest in the topic. Below are just a few of our many nonfiction series for this age group!

Series featured in the photo:

Superpower Field Guides by Rachel Poliquin (Topic: animals)
“Little Legends”, “Little Leaders”, and “Little Dreamers” by Vashti Harrison (Topic: biographical profiles)
Who Was (Topic: biographies)
Science Comics (Topics: weather, nature, space)
Smithsonian (Topics: technology, science, history, geography, plants, animals)
National Geographic Kids (Spans every reading level and many topics. Featured in the photo above: “Encyclopedia of American Indian History and Culture”.)

These featured series, along with many more, can be placed on hold through the online catalog on our website or by calling (423) 434-4458. Then you can pick them up using our curbside service and get to reading!

Please let us know how we can help you and your kids during this time of uncertainty in schooling. We are always looking for new and unique ways to serve our community, and we strive to provide resources that encourage and enrich at-home learning. Call Youth Services at (423) 434-4458 to talk about what we can offer! And follow Johnson City Public Library on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay up-to-date on our services and collections.

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