Choose Your Quest: Epic Adventures and Book Recommendations

Hello, friends, travelers, confidants! Welcome to the Land of Athenaeum!

As part of your Summer Reading adventures, tune in every week for a Choose-Your-Own style quest. We share a weekly video featuring characters who are on an ongoing epic journey. Where will they end up? How will they get there? That’s up to you! Watch the skit every Thursday in June at 11 a.m. on our Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, then vote in the Facebook and Instagram polls with your choice of where our characters should go next. The path with the most votes will be explored in the following video.

Episode One

In the first episode, we’re introduced to our two main characters and learn about their predicament and how they ended up in it. We also meet Eduardo, the strange host of what we can only assume is a very strange television show, and who becomes a sort of guide for our travelers.

So, should our accidental adventurers traverse the Glacial Cliffs of Doom (Brrr!) or the Freebooters Fjords (Pirates! Ah!)? We need your help to decide, so check out our Facebook or Instagram polls to cast your vote. If you want to research your vote a little more, check out these librarian-approved titles!

Icy Adventures
Pup and Bear by Kate Banks
Pugs of the Frozen North by Philip Reeve
The Very, Very Far North by Dan Bar-el
The Arctic Code by Matthew J. Kirby
Arctic Explorer: The Story of Matthew Henson by Jeri Ferris
The Impossible Rescue by Martin Sandler
Putuguq & Kublu and the Qalupalik! by Roselynn Akulukjuk
Can You Survive Extreme Mountain Climbing: An Interactive Survival Adventure by Matt Doeden
Climbing High: A Woman’s Account of Surviving the Everest Tragedy by Lene Gammelgaard
To The Top!: Climbing the World’s Highest Mountain by Sydelle Kramer

Pirate-y Tales
The Ballad of the Pirate Queens by Jane Yolen
The Whydah: A Pirate Ship Feared, Wrecked, and Found by Martin Sandler
The Jolly Regina by Kara LaReau
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi
Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates (series) by Caroline Carlson
Pirate’s Handbook by Margarette Lincoln
Barefoot Book of Pirates by Richard Walker
The Voyage of the Arctic Tern by Hugh Montgomery

Episode Two

Our accidental adventurers find themselves traveling through the Freebooters Fjords, escaping pirates and meeting all sorts of challenges, and all with the help of their trusty and strange guide, Eduardo.

So, should our travelers journey through the Den of Avarice (full or dragons, eek!) or the Endless Battlements (full of battles, oh no!)? We need your help to decide, so check out our Facebook or Instagram polls to cast your vote. If you want to research your vote a little more, learn everything there is to know about dragons and battles from the book list below! (Ok, so not everything. But you will learn a lot.)

There’s a Dragon in Your Book by Tom Fletcher
Dragon Was Terrible by Kelly DiPucchio
Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles by Patricia Valdez
John Ronald’s Dragons: The Story of J.R.R. Tolkien by Caroline McAlister
A Dragon’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans by Laurence Yep
The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill
Dragonbreath (series) by Ursula Vernon
Bearded Dragons by Cristie Reed
Dragon Flight by Jessica Day George
Dragon Cauldron by Laurence Yep
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin
Dragon Warrior by Katie Zhao
Dragon Feathers by Andrej Dugin
Mysteries of the Komodo Dragon by Martha Crump
Fire and Wings: Dragon Tales form the East and West (compilation)
Dragons by Matt Doeden

Legendtopia: The Battle for Urth by Lee Bacon
Friday Night Wrestlefest by J.F. Fox
Nino Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales
Warfare in the Ancient World by Paul Brewer
Medieval Knight Science: Armor, Weapons, and Siege Warfare by Allison Lassieur
Star Wars: Epic Battles by Simon Beecroft
Battles & Weapons: Exploring History Through Art by Caroline Chapman
The Split History of the D-Day Invasion by Michael Burgan
Peasprout Chen: Battle of Champions by Henry Lien
Knights Vs. Dinosaurs by Matt Phelan
Knights: Warriors of the Middle Ages by Aileen Weintraub
Siege by Laura Durman
The Black Soldier: 1492 – Present by Catherine Clinton

Episode Three

Our brave travelers journey to the Den of Avarice. They meet a dragon and learn more about their strange puppet guide, Eduardo.

Where should our travelers go next week: Candy Mountain or the haunted Whispering Wood? We need your help to decide, so check out our Facebook or Instagram polls to cast your vote. If you want to research your vote a little more, learn everything there is to know about candy mountains and haunted forests from the book list below!

Candy Mountain
Pete the Cat’s Groovy Bake Sale by James Dean
Baby Cakes by Theo Heras
Marigold Bakes a Cake by Mike Malbrough
Cupcake Diaries (series) by Coco Simon
The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull
The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop by Kate Saunders
Fairy Floss: The Sweet Story of Cotton Candy by Ann Ingalls
Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin Airlift’s “Chocolate Pilot” by Michael Tunnell
Treat Yourself!: How to Make 93 Ridiculously Fun No-Bake Crispy Rice Treats by Jessica Siskin
Cool Sweets & Treats to Eat: Easy Recipes for Kids to Cook by Lisa Wagner
Crave-Worthy Candy Confections with a Side of Science by M.M. Eboch
Candy Experiments by Loralee Leavitt
Chocolate: Sweet Science and Dark Secrets of the World’s Favorite Treat by Kay Frydenborg
Milton Hershey by Sarah Schuette
The Sweet Story of Hot Chocolate! by Stephen Krensky

Haunted Forest
Zen Ghosts by Jon J. Muth
Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween: A Safety Guide for Scaredies by Melanie Watt
Can You See What I See?: On a Scary, Scary Night by Walter Wick
Skeleton for Dinner by Margery Cuyler
The Battlefield Ghost by Margery Cuyler
Haunted Hike by Patrick Carman
The Great Sockathon by M.C. Delaney
Scary Stories for Young Foxes by Christian Heidicker
Spirit Hunters by Ellen Oh
The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing by Sheila Turnage
Horror in North Carolina by Simon Rose
The Short and Bloody History of Ghosts by John Farman
La Llorona: The Legendary Weeping Woman of Mexico by Megan Cooley Peterson
The Bell Witch: An American Ghost Story by Megan Cooley Peterson
The Poltergeist Enigma by Craig Boutland

Episode Four

Will our brave travelers make it home? Find out in the finale of Choose Your Quest!

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