Graphic Novel Book Club for Kids

Are your kids reluctant readers? Or visual learners who enjoy books with lots of illustrations? Transitioning from early chapter books to longer novels? Graphic novels are a great option to get kids excited about moving to new reading levels!

That’s why we’ve started a book club for ages 8-12 dedicated specifically to graphic novels. We meet Thursday, March 17 at 6 p.m. in the Library’s Jones Meeting Room. Call (423) 434-4458 to register your kids.

Why Graphic Novels?

School Age Program Coordinator Jennifer Johnson started this book club focused on graphic novels because she sees them as a valuable tool for nurturing children’s love of reading and getting them excited about progressing to new reading levels.

“Graphic novels are a natural bridge for readers transitioning from beginning readers and early chapter books into longer novels,” she explains. “They’re less intimidating because they’re image-heavy. This is great for kids who prefer visual learning and highly illustrated texts.”

Graphic novels can also help build kids’ vocabulary and reading comprehension. Although they contain less text, much of the dialogue in graphic novels is highly sophisticated. “And,” Jennifer says, “children find the format so engaging that they’re more likely to challenge themselves with words they might struggle to read in a traditional novel.”

A New Child-Directed Format

Graphic Novel Book Club is a different format than our other school age reading programs; it’s meant to be more open-ended and child-directed. Instead of hearing about or reading specific titles, the kids in Graphic Novel Book Club choose together what direction they want the club to go.

Jennifer says, “We’ll talk about the kids’ favorites, make recommendations, and explore the graphic novel as a genre. We’ll look at the art, illustrations, comic styles, and other elements of the format from meeting to meeting. And if the kids are interested, we may even create our own graphic novel from start to finish!”

Children will benefit most from attending as many sessions in succession as possible, because each session builds on the last.

Continuing the Conversation Online

There is also an online component that kids can access any time to keep the conversation going between meetings. They’ll find discussion prompts and interactive activities in a closed online platform called FlipGrid. Through FlipGrid, kids can make and post video responses to others in the group.

FlipGrid is safe for children and designed for educational settings. Jennifer shows the kids how to use it and monitors all of the activity in the closed group, so there is no worry for parents about children sharing information online.

Graphic Novel Book Club on Thursday, March 17 requires registration; call (423) 434-4458 today to register!

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