‘The Holocaust: Bearing Witness’ Exhibition and Events

In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Friday, Jan. 27, your Library is hosting an exhibition about the Holocaust, the 20th century atrocity that resulted in the deaths of six million Jews. Along with the poster display, we’ll host two events in late January 2023—a graphic novel discussion and a teacher training—about the Holocaust.

‘The Holocaust: Bearing Witness’ Poster Exhibition

‘The Holocaust: Bearing Witness’ is set on the second floor and will be on display until Friday, Feb. 3. The poster exhibition chronicles, through photos and moving personal narratives, how the Holocaust emerged and how its survivors recall the event. The featured survivors all made their homes in Tennessee after the Holocaust.

We’re able to provide you with this poster exhibition through a partnership with the Northeast Tennessee Holocaust Education Council (NTHEC). The posters were produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Tennessee Holocaust Commission.

“With this exhibition, we hope to bear witness to an atrocity such that it never occurs again,” says NTHEC organizer Kim Kenneson. “By being aware of how the Holocaust emerged, a citizenry then can know its warning signs, and hopefully prevent it from ever happening again.”

The exhibition takes visitors from the beginning of the Nazi Party in 1933 through the liberation of concentration camps in 1945. It includes powerful firsthand accounts from Holocaust survivors who eventually settled in Tennessee.

In line with NTHEC’s guidelines, the images are not graphic; however, they starkly show the antisemitic and prejudiced attitudes toward the Jewish peoples of Europe.

Graphic Novel Club Discussing Maus

Our monthly graphic novel club for ages 18 and older will discuss Maus, the Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel by Art Spiegelman, on Thursday, Jan. 26. The group meets from 6-8 p.m. at Mulligan’s Gaming Pub (308 E. Main St., Johnson City). Call Adult Services at (423) 434-4454 for more information or if you need help finding a copy of the novel.

Training for Middle and High School Teachers

On Tuesday, Jan. 24 from 4-5 p.m., NTHEC will lead an educational session at the Library. The training is specifically for middle and high school teachers, particularly in history and language arts, who teach the Holocaust. The session will provide teachers with a helpful timeline and educational resources from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Teachers can learn more and register for the session on NTHEC’s Facebook page.

NTHEC is a group of local teachers, professors, librarians, and members of the B’nai Sholom congregation. The council’s purpose is to promote Holocaust awareness by providing resources to area schools.

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