An example of a Junior Traveling Tales book club kit

Junior Traveling Tales: Book Club Kits for Kids

Adults aren’t the only ones who should get to have book discussions! That’s why your Library offers Junior Traveling Tales, which are book club kits for kids. Over 25 novels are available for checkout, including classics such as “The Hobbit” and “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, as well as newer reads like “The Wild Robot”. Find a full list of the available titles here. 

School Age Program Coordinator Jennifer Johnson says, “even though the Junior Traveling Tales are geared towards middle-schoolers, they’re also great for teens or even adults looking for a light read.” With graphic novels like “Hilda and the Troll” and the novel-in-verse “The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary”, the kits provide something for everybody.

“The Junior Traveling Tales can be a really useful resource, especially for families learning at home and educators who want to do novel studies but aren’t sure where to start,” Jennifer says. The kits give kids everything they need to start a book discussion group, including up to 10 copies of the book, discussion questions, and ideas for extension activities. The Library checks kits out to one person for four weeks and they must be returned as a complete set.

For more information on Junior Traveling Tales or other off-site book discussion resources, call Youth Services at (423) 434-4458. Contact Adult Services at (423) 434-4454 to learn about Traveling Tales.

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