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Learn From Award-Winning Author Carole Boston Weatherford

When the American Library Association’s 2021 Youth Media Awards were announced on Monday, there was a name that appeared twice among the winners: author and professor Carole Boston Weatherford. Soon, through your Library, you and your children will have a chance to hear from this award-winning author!

On Thursday, February 4, Weatherford and her son and collaborator, Jeffery Boston Weatherford, will give two live presentations over Zoom, at 9 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. Both presentations are the same and intended for third and fourth graders. If your kids aren’t able to attend one of those time slots, they can watch a recording on the Library’s Facebook page at 6 p.m. Teachers, families learning from home, and anyone else interested in attending the 9 a.m. or 2:15 p.m. session can call (423) 434-4458 to register.

Carole and Jeffery Weatherford first teamed up for their 2017 book You Can Fly: The Tuskegee Airmen. Since then, the two have collaborated and traveled together as far as Africa and the Middle East.

“Even though we aren’t living in the same place, we still have a mother-son relationship,” Carole says. “It’s different than just working with any other illustrator.”

In addition to BOX: Henry Brown Mails Himself to Freedom, which was just named a 2021 Newbery Honor Book, Weatherford has written over 30 books of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. Some of her most acclaimed work includes Freedom in Congo Square, Becoming Billie Holiday, and Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom.

“For too long, voices of people seen as ‘others’ have been marginalized,” she says. That’s why Weatherford tells diverse historical and cultural stories that kids might not have heard. Her latest novel, Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre, is the first children’s book about the destruction of Black Wall Street in 1921.

“Black authors have important stories to tell,” she says. “It’s important to make space and listen.”

For more information on Carole and Jeffery Boston Weatherford’s work, visit their website. Call (423) 434-4458 to get more details and register for the Weatherford’s upcoming talk.

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