Magic Tree House Program

On Thursday, January 24 from 6-7 p.m., 5-12 year olds are invited to join us in the Jones Meeting Room for a celebration of books 5-8 in the Magic Tree House series. Registration is required and can be completed here.

To celebrate, there will be crafts, games, and snacks themed around each book. Because the four stories take place in different settings, there will be stations with a wide range of activities. A few highlights include a ninga laser maze in honor of Night of the Ninjas and a mango toss game for Afternoon on the Amazon. At the Sunset of the Sabertooth station, children can contribute to a large “cave painting” and decorate their own woolly mammoths. And visitors at the Midnight on the Moon booth will make craters using flour, cocoa powder and rocks, and make constellation-viewing cards to take home.

Jennifer Johnson, JCPL’s school age program coordinator, says that she chose to base a program around the Magic Tree House series because, even though the books aren’t new, they have “a timeless quality” and children continue to love them. Jennifer says that it’s also “a great transitional series for kids who are reading independently, but not quite ready for longer chapter books.”

Of all the fun activities she has planned, Jennifer is most excited about making craters in flour and cocoa powder. She plans to couple the activity with an informative video that explains the anatomy of craters.

For more information about our school age programs, contact Jennifer Johnson at 423-434-4348. Call 423-434-4450, visit, and follow Johnson City Public Library on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about other library programs.

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