Makey Makey Retro Gaming

International Games Week is November 4-10, and we are celebrating on Tuesday, November 6 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. with a retro gaming night! But, this is not your average gaming experience. Participants will use a unique device called a Makey Makey to power retro video games like Tetris, Super Mario, and Pac-Man. This free event is intended for teens ages 12-18 who have registered here. Registration is required and spots are limited, so sign up today!

A Makey Makey is a small kit with thousands of possibilities, that allows users to connect everyday objects to create a simple circuit. The kit consists of a small board, alligator cables, wires, and a USB cord. Users connect the alligator cables and wires to the board and then to any object that conducts electricity, such as bananas, coins, or play-dough (pictured above). Once the board is set up, users connect themselves to the circuit to play. For the gaming event, participants will use the Makey Makey kits to power retro games like Tetris, Super Mario, and Pac-Man.

Teen Services Manager, Katelyn Wolfe, says that the Makey Makey has given her a unique way to bring STEM to the library and outreach programs. “The Makey Makey is always a hit, no matter the audience,” Katelyn says. “My favorite thing about the Makey Makey is that it offers a diverse range of learning opportunities. There is an app for nearly any subject. The Makey Makey sparks curiosity and allows participants to play an active role in their learning. So far, I have been able to use the Makey Makey for programs on music, poetry, and gaming.”

For more information on Makey Makey Retro Gaming or other teen programs, contact Katelyn Wolfe at 423-434-4349 or visit our online calendar.

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