Stories to Service Teens Address Texting & Driving

Stories to Service is a teen volunteer group at the Johnson City Public Library dedicated to making a difference in the community by connecting literature with service projects. The group’s most recent topic focused on raising awareness about the dangers of texting and driving. They read Jeff Zentner’s book Goodbye Days to learn more about distracted driving. Then, for the project component, the group designed bumper stickers and cell phone lock-screens to distribute to the public in the hope that they will encourage safer driving habits.

Below, the Stories to Service teens shared with us what they learned in the process of completing their project.

“What do you think the leading cause of death in teens is? Is it illness, suicide, or accidents? It’s texting and driving. This everyday act is the cause of 58% of vehicle collisions in which teens are involved. While texting, a driver’s reaction time deteriorates by 35%, and steering ability deteriorates by 91%. As many as 1,000 people are injured each day by distracted driving. Texting and driving offers a higher chance of injury than driving while intoxicated. And guess what? Most teens say that they text and drive because they’ve seen adults do it. Texting and driving will continue to be a serious issue until actions are taken against it by everyone in the community. That’s why we, the Stories to Service teen volunteers, are drawing awareness to the perils of distracted driving.”

The bumper stickers are currently available for free in the library’s teen area. Stories to Service teens will also be taking them to local high schools and community centers. The lock-screens are available for download below. Simply click on the image and then download the file!

The next Stories to Service project will take place in February and will address the issue of homelessness. For more information, contact Teen Librarian Katelyn Wolfe at or 423-434-4349.

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