Spend This Summer Reading With Your Library!

The signs of summer are everywhere these days—in the heat and humidity, gardens coming to life, the end of the school year—and of course, the beginning of your Library’s Summer Reading Challenge!

If you’re not familiar with Summer Reading, it’s an annual nationwide reading challenge. People set reading goals and spend the summer tracking their progress, winning prizes, and attending events. The challenge is divided by age—preschoolers, school age kids, teens, and adults—but the goal is the same for all: read, read, read!

The program runs from Tuesday, June 1-Friday, July 23. This summer’s theme is “Tails and Tales”, so events and prizes focus on animal-themed topics.

Click here to register yourself and/or your kids for Summer Reading.

Read on to learn more about the different components of the Summer Reading Challenge!

The Beanstack App

Beanstack is our online platform for Summer Reading. You can create and access your Beanstack account here. Download the corresponding app, Beanstack Tracker, from the app store on your phone or tablet.

Once you’ve created a Beanstack account (click here if you’d like help setting up your account) you’ll be prompted to register for the Summer Reading Challenge. You’ll use this portal throughout the summer to log the books or minutes you’ve read, write and read book reviews, and find book recommendations from your librarians.

You can also earn virtual badges in Beanstack when you complete activities like reading animal-themed books and attending Library events. Activities for adults also include things like watching an animal documentary, visiting a nature center, or donating to the Humane Society of Washington County. Kids can earn virtual badges for things like writing a haiku about animals, pretending to be a farmer, or asking a grownup about the pets they had when they were kids.


Along with virtual badges, Summer Reading is also about physical prizes! All ages are entered into prize drawings when they log reading and activities in Beanstack. For kids, these prizes include puzzles, trading cards, books, and other goodies. Adults are entered into weekly drawings for gift cards to local businesses, books, journals, and more.

Events: In-House and Online 

We have Summer Reading events for all ages! This year’s events are animal-themed and a hybrid of in-person and online.

In-person events held at the Library include a pet adoption with the Humane Society of Washington County and book discussions for teens and adults. In-person kids events include book clubs and a trading card event.

Preschool storytimes and youth events with Bays Mountain and Johnson City Parks and Recreation are online this year.

Click here for a full list of our Summer Reading events!

Creative Writing and Art Competitions

Get creative with our writing and art contests for all ages! You’ll find guidelines for the art competition here. Click here for the short story competition guidelines. Submissions for both competitions are due by Wednesday, June 30.

Follow Johnson City Public Library on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for daily updates and virtual events. To talk about Summer Reading with a librarian, call: (423) 434-4458 (kids); (423) 434-4349 (teens); or (423) 434-4454 (adults).

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