Teen Writing (Issue 2)

Every month on our blog we are featuring new writing submitted by your Library’s Teen Writing Club participants. The program is for ages 12-18 and meets on Fridays from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in the teen area. “Right now, the club’s format is open-ended in order to give teen writers whatever they need,” says Teen Services Manager Katelyn Wolfe. “If students need resources to help develop their pieces, our staff can help writers locate them. If they want to work with a staff member on editing, we are happy to sit down with them. If they hope to meet other teen writers to collaborate, this is the space to do so. If they simply want a quiet place to come and write, they can find that here.”

The excerpt below is by Jessica, and is the second installment in our teen writing series.

When It Rains (Part 2)

I stare at the soaking wet man for a bit, contemplating my next move. After a few minutes of internal battles, I decide to drag his shivering body to my couch.

After struggling to get the man to my couch, I give myself a second to breathe and think about what’s happening. I examine the body more deeply, noting his purple-red fingers from the cold and the shivering of his lips. His clothing comes into thought, laying here in his wet clothes will only make him sicker and colder. I place my hand on his forehead, moving his wet hair from his face. His skin is hot, no doubt he has a fever.

I move to pull my hand from his head but am stopped as a grip forms around my wrist. I gasp, watching his fingertips mold to my small wrist. My gaze moves toward the man’s face. His soft baby blue almond-shaped eyes slowly flutter half-open. My breath becomes heavy and cautious.

“Where am I?” the man softly mutters. His voice is deep and calm, with a slight accent, leaving a feeling of relief in my gut. I calm myself and respond, “You were out cold at my doorstep. I pulled you in to warm you up. So to answer your question, you are in my house.”

He releases his soft grip on my wrist. He puts his hand behind himself and tries to reposition to a sitting pose. I assist him, placing my hand on his weak arm and back. I feel the muscles of his shoulders and lower neck contract as he forces all his strength to complete this one action.

To be continued…

Author bio: Jessica is fourteen years old. She does martial arts, draws, writes music, and writes stories. She has an older brother, three dogs, and of course her loving mom. She was born in Durango, Colorado, and shortly after moved to Tennessee with her family. Her nationality is Irish, South Asian, Western Asian, French, and German. She hopes you enjoyed reading her story!

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