Regional Poets to Give Readings from Their New Books

Your Library is hosting a reading with three local poets and ETSU faculty on Thursday, April 21 at 6:30 p.m. Jesse Graves, Isabel Gómez Sobrino, and Lacy Snapp will give readings from their new books in the Library’s Jones Meeting Room.

We’re so excited to share these regional creative writers’ work with you! JCPL Clerk Pam Murray says, “It’s a gift to have such talented authors in our area and we want to bring their voices to the forefront. These local poets have lived experiences and unique understandings of our region that bring a rich, authentic perspective to the stories they tell.”

Jesse Graves

Jesse Graves is an ETSU English professor and the university’s poet-in-residence. He’ll read from his new book, Said-Songs: Essays on Poetry and Place. The essays trace Dr. Graves’ evolution as a creative writer who grew up in rural eastern Tennessee and explore the literary influences that have shaped his poetic voice.

Reviewer Jane Marcellus says that reading Dr. Graves’ book of essays “feels like sitting on a wide Southern front porch…and engaging in conversation with an unusually thoughtful friend.”

Isabel Gómez Sobrino

Isabel Gómez Sobrino will share poems from Whispering Ashes, her new and first book of poetry. In it she draws from her experiences of living in a foreign country and the challenges of living as a woman in the 21st century.

Dr. Gómez Sobrino is an ETSU associate professor of Spanish whose research interests include adaptation and performance studies, women writers, and translation. These interests have resulted in works on adapted poetry into songs with a revolutionary agenda, the epistolary discourse of female poets in Spain in the 1920s, and Spanish translations of Dr. Graves’ poetry.

Lacy Snapp

Lacy Snapp is an ETSU adjunct English instructor, ecological poet, and carpenter. She will read excerpts from her new book, Shadows on Wood. Snapp drew on her deep knowledge of woodworking and her family history to craft this book of visionary poems.

Dr. Graves writes, “Lacy Snapp knows shadows and wood the way painters know the delicacy or coarseness of their brush tips. She conveys her perceptions through exquisite detail and piercing emotion–beauty and heartbreak walk hand-in-hand here and their impact will linger long after this book has been read, set aside, and then read again.”

Join us on Thursday, April 21 at 6:30 p.m. to learn more about and hear from these fantastic local writers!

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