Book Review: Dear Fahrenheit 451: Love and Heartbreak in the Stacks, by Annie Spence

We’ve got something special for you today–a book review from Robin Westphal, our library director. Most of these reviews are written by BJ Krug (Marketing Coordinator), Jennifer Johnson (School Age Program Coordinator), or Angela Stanbrough (Preschool Program Coordinator). Special Thanks to Robin for this review!

I’ve met a lot of librarians like Annie Spence. Snarky, funny and passionate about the books we love, and more passionate about the books and authors we hate. Dear Fahrenheit 451 may resonate more with librarians because it delves into the process of weeding (that’s library-speak for withdrawing material from the collection based on very scientific parameters, kinda like weeding your garden). However, I think this book will be loved by, well, anyone who loves books! Book lovers can be very judgy people, although we librarians are firm believers in Ranganathan’s third law of libraries: “To every book its reader.”

Spence’s style of writing letters to books is what I think makes this book unique and fun. While I didn’t agree with everything she said, the style made me want to write letters to the books, that have had both left a positive and negative impact. “Dear S.E. Hinton – I want “Stay Gold, Pony Boy” written on my tombstone when I die, but my daughters think that’s corny.” Or “Hey John Grisham – Stick to legal thrillers, Skipping Christmas really stunk.” Trust me though, Spence does snark way better than I do AND you’ll end up with a ton of books on your “To Be Read” (aka TBR) list.

“Dear Fahrenheit 451-I think you’re hilarious and I promise NOT to weed you anytime soon.

Love, Robin.”

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