Book Review: Kate Morton’s Work

One of our patrons’ favorite authors is Kate Morton. Sadly, she only has five books published. Although her fans are hungering for more, she hasn’t come out with one in a couple of years.

Kate Morton writes excellent historical fiction set throughout the 20th century. In all her novels, she leaves the audience spell-bound from the beginning to the end. Her talent in interweaving so many twists and turns and surprises leaves the audience excited to see what happens next. They all deal with family secrets, loves, betrayals that span many years. Her stories also tell the story through the many characters that lead up to the often surprising and unexpected ending.

One of my favorites (which is very hard to decide on) is The Secret Keeper. The story begins with 16-year old Laurel Nicolson lying in her tree house on her idyllic family farm with what she feels is the perfect happy family. Laurel is dreaming of her own future; however, by the time the afternoon is over, her future is changed beyond her imagination. Laurel observes a stranger coming up the path to talk to her mother who is frantically planning a birthday party for one of her sisters. Before that confrontation ends, a tragic shocking crime will shake Laurel’s world and leave her questioning as to if she really knows her mother, Dorothy.

The book spans a period of 50 years from pre-WWII England through the Blitz to the fifties and beyond. Laurel visits her dying mother, Dorothy, to celebrate her 90th birthday. She also takes this opportunity to ask questions she’s had on her mind for 50 years. As the story flashes back, the events unwind and secrets are learned. Kate Morton has the story-telling ability to suck you right in to the story and keep you enthralled to the end, sometimes hitting you with “I didn’t see that coming” ending.

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