Staff Book Review: So Far So Good

Thanks to Juniper in Technical Services for sharing her thoughts on this book!

In Ursula K. Le Guin’s So Far So Good, the author takes us on her final writing journey. Divided into seven sections, Le Guin parses the poems into a written representation of her final musings on life, nature and our shared interconnectedness with everything and everyone around us. Most of the poems in the slim book are brief, no more than quick spurts of everyday situations most of us experience but often do not stop and savor. Her poetry offers these experiences in such subtle but profound language that we cannot help but stop and listen. One poem in particular, “Islanded,” is a perfect representation of this subtlety. In the poem, Le Guin offers her take on a familiar feeling that some (myself included) might find difficult to articulate:

Snow and silence in the streets.
Winter in the bone.
In silent houses people sleep each one alone.
Self-islanded by thought and dream the solitary soul
forgets the deepest depth, the earth
that joins us all.

In So Far So Good, her last publication, Le Guin expertly connects with her audience. Her poetry asks us to slow down and see life for what it is – line by line, experience by experience – because in the end, our lives are much too brief.


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