Disability services

We’re here for everyone—it doesn’t matter what your ability level is, we want to serve you. We have a variety of disability services to help you get the information you need the way you need it.


Our entire building is wheelchair accessible, with elevator access, an electric wheelchair, and a handicap entrance on the side of the building. All our service desks, computer labs, and our self-checkout are also wheelchair accessible.

We’re also happy to bring the library to you—call 423-434-4362 for more information about our Friendly Visitor program, and checkout the READS database filled with ebooks, audiobooks, and movies that you can enjoy right from your home.


We have a collection of fiction and non-fiction large-type books, braille materials, assistance with the Tennessee Library for the Blind, a variety of audiobooks and Playaways, and our READS online database, which has downloadable audiobooks and ebooks with re-sizable text. Additionally, we have laptops available for patron use with a program called NVDA, a type of “digital braille” that converts text on a computer screen to audio. Headphones are available for use with this program.


If we don’t have a service you could use, we’d love to know. Contact us online, or let us know how we can help you further at one of the service desks.