Escape Rooms!

Do you have what it takes to escape? We have escape room scenarios planned November 18, 2017 for all ages at the Johnson City Public Library. For a taste of what’s to come, checkout the descriptions below, and be sure to register for your escape on our digital events calendar at:

Tween Escape Room: Alien Invasion at 10:30 AM

Aliens are invading the planet, and the key to stopping the invasion, died with officer Elliot Hayes. Hayes worked for a top secret government agency that investigates extra terrestrial disturbances on Earth. Hayes had not only discovered that aliens had been living among us for years, planning an elaborate invasion, but he found something (or someone) that could stop the invasion. Knowing aliens were hot on his trail, Hayes hid the secret away in a lock box and scattered the clues for you to discover.

The aliens believe they have won. They think there is no way you can piece together the clues within the hour. Earth’s survival is at stake!

Family Escape Room: Turkey Trouble at 12:30 PM

Parents and children MUST attend this event together.

Tom Turkey is in Trouble. He WAS lucky enough to receive his annual Thanksgiving pardon from the President, and to keep it safe the President locked it in the Large Breakout EDU box, leaving clues to all the combinations around the room.  However, as Tom is a Turkey, he can’t read or do math!  He needs your help to figure out the clues, open the box and get his Pardon out of the box. If he doesn’t show it to the National Turkey Office in 45 minutes with his Presidential Pardon, he will NOT be pardoned, and well we don’t even want to think what that will mean. Please help Tom Open the Box and Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Teen Escape Room: Ad Agent at 2:30 PM

During the 1950’s, America was beginning its exploration into espionage as it dealt with turmoil from all over the world. American spies were tasked with not only gathering top secret information from other countries, but sharing key information about the U.S. in exchange for valuable information.

A rogue U.S. spy, G. McFly, decided that he wanted nothing else to do with the spy game and decided to start sharing top secret information with informants all over the world in an attempt to compromise the United States spy program as well as the head of the FBI, one J. Edgar Hoover.

Contained within the box is the current hiding location of G. Mcfly… Can you find him before he shares more information with another foreign spy?

Adult Escape Room: Totally Radical ’80s Time Travel Adventure at 4:30 PM

’80s costumes are encouraged but not required for participation in this escape game:

Welcome back to 1986! Here you will find all of our cutting edge technology from the 1980’s which you will need to use along with your knowledge of all that was Rad in the 80’s to get yourself back to present day. You only have 45 minutes before you are stuck in the past forever!

Registration is limited to 20 people for each event, so register today!

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