Preschool Repurposed Play Day

Get down and play!

We’re having our first preschool repurposed play day of the year February 20 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM in the Jones Meeting Room. This is our repackaged version of the sensory play day, so if you’ve been a fan of those events, make sure to come to this too! We’re inviting all babies 24 months and younger (no older siblings, please) and their caregivers to play with repurposed everyday materials in a creative way. Angela Stanbrough, youth services library assistant at the Johnson City Public Library, says any child can benefit from this. “It’s all about exploring with your senses. There are things kids will be able to hear, touch, and see. We always do a lot with recycled materials–cardboard boxes, cans, beans, etc.”

Donna McCalman, youth services librarian at the Johnson City Public Library, says one goal of the program is to inspire caregivers to play with found materials at home. “You don’t have to buy expensive educational toys! Just set the stage with some ‘loose parts’ and then the child will run with it.” Angela adds that it’s a fun way to interact with other parents and kids as well. “This has always been a super-popular program, in part because it’s a chance for these little kids to play together.”

Angela emphasizes that attendees don’t need to attend the full time–it’s a drop in and out event. More than anything, she wants to encourage caregivers to take what they learned at this event home with them. “This is something caregivers can do at home too–stacking boxes, making bean shakers with cans, saving bubble wrap for kids to walk on. One of our most popular stations is just banging on pots and pans!”

For more information about the preschool repurposed play day or other youth services events, visit our digital calendar, call us at 423-434-4458, or follow us on facebook.

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