RB Digital coming soon!

We have something new and exciting heading your way: RB Digital!
Soon we’ll release RB Digital, our newest service available for every JCPL member. Just visit our E-Resources section of the menu and click RB Digital. Right now that leads back to this post, but once it’s live, that will be your RB Digital portal. It’s your ticket to streaming video on your computer or mobile device!
As a taste, here are a few of the streaming video channels you’ll be able to use:
Acorn TV, a British television service featuring some of your favorite television series.
Indieflix, thought-provoking independent films and documentaries.
Stingray Qello, a chance to see your favorite musical artists live performances at your home.
Pongalo, a spanish-language streaming service showing popular spanish language films and telenovelas.
RB Digital is also developing some new streaming video services. These aren’t ready quite yet, but soon you’ll also have these options:
The Great Courses, including over 150 courses you can stream on-demand and learn something great.
Broadway HD, stream beloved Broadway shows right to your home.
Over the next few weeks we’ll have a series of blog posts exploring these services, so make sure to visit again soon! For more information on the Johnson City Public Library’s digital services, explore our website at www.jcpl.org. You can also give us a call at 423-434-4450, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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