ABCmouse – Great for 2 to 5 years old. Games to learn math, reading, science, art & music at your own pace. You can create a personalized profile and save your progress. –  Educational games created and tested by certified school teachers. Each game is modeled from a primary grade lesson. Games for kindergarten through 5th grade.


Cool Math Games! – Games to cover every math topic! Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division! Includes a link on the webpage to more difficult games for Algebra.


Fun Brain – from the website Poptropica; games just for fun. Check out the comics on this site, too!


Learning Games for Kids – Many different categories of games. Appropriate for 2nd grade and above.


Light-bot – Learn basic programming skills! Great for 3rd grade and older. (Click on blue trash-can to start from beginning.)


National Geographic for Kids– Click on MENU to access games. The main page has lots of neat articles on animals to read!


PBS Kids – All of your favorite characters from Daniel Tiger to Elmo to the Wild Kratts! Pick a favorite show or go directly to games. For preschoolers and older, appropriateness depends on game chosen.


Starfall – Learning letter sounds, and calendar days, plus some basic math. Appropriate for Preschoolers; please ask for headphones!


Sylvan’s Book Adventure – Create a username and password and take quizzes based on books that you’ve read. Always check with your Parents or Grownups before providing personal information like your real name or address. (Parents – you can register and track your child’s reading progress with this site.)



Remember to ask at the Youth Services Desk for headphones!