Automatic Renewals are here!

Starting February 9, 2018, your books will be automatically renewed at the Johnson City Public Library! We always try to save your time, so from now on we’re taking an extra step on your behalf. We’ll still send you reminder texts or emails 3 days before your items are due, but now the next day eligible items* will automatically renew if you haven’t already renewed them yourself. Don’t forget to check your account to ensure the items you’re counting on will be renewed.

Don’t just wait for the item you want to be returned! Place a hold and then pick it up at the front desk. This will make sure you get the items you want as soon as possible, plus you can do it from home! Sign into your library account online or give us a call at 423-434-4454 or 423-434-4455 to request an item to be held for you once it’s returned. Especially since we’re now automatically renewing items, placing holds will get you the items you need more quickly.

For more information on auto-renewals, give us a call at 423-434-4465.

*Eligible items are items that are renewable and haven’t reached their renewal limit yet. Most renewable items can be renewed twice. Ineligible items include items that have a hold, DVDs, digital materials, hotspots, Rokus, Book Buddy kits, and Traveling Tales kits.

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