Digital Materials at JCPL!

You may have noticed there are a lot more materials in our catalog than there used to be. We’re trying to put everything at your fingertips, so we’ve included items from READS (powered by Overdrive), Project Gutenberg, and Open Library in our regular catalog search. Of course, with all that new information, we want to make sure you still find what you need!

How to Know It’s Digital

When you create a library search you’ll receive a list of items that looks something like this:

This search contains two digital items and one physical item. The key to knowing which is which is here on this search results page. You don’t even have to click on the item for more information!

If an item has this note:


Or this note:




Then it’s a digital item available through READS or our other digital item providers. If it doesn’t have either of those notes, it’s a physical item that you can borrow while you’re in the library, as long as it is available for check out.

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