Introducing RB Digital!

It’s here! RB Digital is our newest service available for every JCPL member. It’s your ticket to streaming video on your computer or mobile device! To access RB Digital on your computer just visit our E-Resources section of the menu and click RB Digital. This will lead you directly to the portal where you can register for an account with your library card and start streaming! On a mobile device? No problem! Download any of the free apps for each of the channels and watch your favorites right on your phone or tablet.

We have 4 streaming channels available now, with two more coming soon. Right now you can watch any of the following four channels:

Acorn TV, a British television service featuring some of your favorite television series.
Indieflix, thought-provoking independent films and documentaries.
Stingray Qello, a chance to see your favorite artists perform at your home.
Pongalo, a Spanish-language streaming service showing popular spanish language films and telenovelas.
We have a series of blog posts exploring each of these services starting later this week, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can jump right in! All four of those channels are available now. Soon RB Digital will add two new channels, The Great Courses and Broadway HD. As soon as we have them, we’ll let you know so you can start streaming those courses and shows right away!
How does it work?

Want a detailed explanation on how RB Digital streaming services work? Click here!

RB Digital gives you access to each of these streaming services for free. Once you access each channel, you’ll have free, unlimited access to that channel for one week. Stream as much as you want for that week, and when the week is over, you can renew your access to that channel if you want. To watch each channel, you’ll have to go through the RB Digital portal and click “access.” This will take you to the website of whichever channel you’ve chosen. That channel will automatically create an account for you on their website using information from your RB Digital account. All you have to do is create a password for yourself, and you’re ready to stream! If you do have any questions or problems while using RB Digital, don’t hesitate to ask us. Give us a call at 423-434-4450, or reach out to us on Facebook or in person. We’ll do our best to figure out what’s going wrong!
For more information on the Johnson City Public Library’s digital services, explore our website at You can also give us a call at 423-434-4450, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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