New Map Display

David Ownby, Ellen Lester, Link Elmore, and Ann Howland with JCPL’s last “map of the month” display.

We’re thrilled to feature cartography (the study of maps) here at the library! You probably already know about Dr. Scott Honeycutt’s “Rambler’s Guides” on display in our first floor galleria. Those are up until the end of the month, with an artist’s reception and map making workshop on May 31. We also have a new map display created in partnership with the JCGIS as

well! This new map, the latest in our “map of the month” series, is a 26 foot long groundwater projection system map created decades ago for the Johnson City landfill. This map, which was designed on a computer and printed out was completed by hand with watercolors. It hangs from the second floor balcony down to the first floor, right next to Murmuration, the sculpture created by last year’s Artful Aging Sculpture class depicting birds in flight.

JCGIS is the Geographic Information Systems division of the Johnson City government. Their job is to make maps provide spatial analysis of Johnson City for other city departments and public and private groups as well. David Ownby, Technical Services Manager here at JCPL has been a key facilitator for our partnership with JCGIS. David is excited about the two different map displays at the library right now as well. “One of our goals is to show how varied the field of cartography is. You can see the general maps of Dr. Honeycutt in our galleria right now, and see a very different map on the other side of the lobby that’s from JCGIS.”

Link Elmore (right) talking with Katelyn Wolfe and other JCPL staff about upcoming projects and programs.

Link Elmore, geospatial project manager for JCGIS, approached the library for a partnership because the city is currently embarking on a project to digitize their maps. David Ownby says, “we’ve already helped them test some new technology, and we’re excited about this ‘map of the month’ project, along with some other new programming we’re creating later this year.” David continues, “this partnership emphasizes the library as a good public forum and location for public information.”

Visit us today to see these beautiful maps! Give us a call at 423-434-4450. For more information on JCGIS, click here to visit their website. For more information on the Johnson City Public Library, check back here at You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-the-moment updates!

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