Materials & Services

“To every reader his or her book” – S. R. Ranganathan’s second law of libraries, 1931.

Our goal is always to make sure you can find the information you need when you need it. To that end, we have a wide variety of materials, including public computers and other technology, digital resources, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, databases, graphic novels, braille books, and—of course—regular print books in both large and regular typefaces on a wide variety of subjects. Our two-floor, 42,000 square foot building houses more than 160,000 items, and we would love to help you find what you’re looking for. Search for any of our items in the catalog or give us a call or visit so we can give you the individual attention of a trained librarian to help you find your book—or DVD, or website, or whatever information you need!

We would love to help you with one of our services as well—we offer public computer access (with tutoring if necessary); equipment for faxing, printing, and photocopying materials; book clubs facilitated by a librarian on site (Tales & Talk) or book club kits for you to take with you (Traveling Tales); study rooms; a genealogy/local history center (The Tennessee Room); and a variety of programs to gain new information or learn new skills; all for free.

We’re always excited to hear more about the information and entertainment you need—let us know if there’s a material or service you want but we don’t have. Fill out a request for new materials or Interlibrary loans, or tell us what services would be helpful to you. We’re glad you’re here!