Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Through both traditional materials and emerging technologies, Johnson City Public Library offers a multitude of learning opportunities and entertainment choices in a dynamic center for the community.

–Approved by the Board of Directors, July 14, 2009

Statement of Organizational Values

  1. Customer Focus: We value delivering high quality and speedy customer service in a friendly, good-humored atmosphere.
  2. Freedom of Information: We value providing materials of sound factual data and honest opinion representing all points of view on topics of public interest and importance.
  3. Quality: We value quality in all aspects of the library experience, including delivering knowledgeable service and maintaining the best possible collection of materials.
  4. Respect and Integrity: We value upholding the highest standards of integrity and credibility and place a high premium on honesty and responsibility, respecting our patrons and each other. We make every effort to be the best possible stewards of public resources.
  5. Education and Learning: We value learning opportunities and support formal education and lifelong learning.
  6. Adaptability: We value our willingness and ability to recognize and adapt to new circumstances and opportunities. We accept change as a natural element of our 21st century library.

–Approved by the Board of Directors, July 14, 2009