READS is a database provided by the Tennessee State Library & Archives containing over 100,000 eBooks, audiobooks, and more, available to every Johnson City Public Library member. You can access READS from your computer, eReader, tablet, or smartphone. READS is powered by Overdrive, and we highly recommend using their Libby app on your phone or tablet. Download Libby for Android or Apple devices, enter your library card number (and choose Johnson City Public Library as your library), and you can borrow right away!

You can also search READS directly from any page on our website–just select the “READS” tab above the search box, and search as you normally would.

Please remember you need to maintain your local library account in order to use READS–we update accounts every year, and you’ll need to do that to continue using READS as well. Give us a call or visit to update your account, and we’ll make sure you can continue using READS.


Having trouble using READS? Check out these help articles from Overdrive or watch these videos from Overdrive to guide you through the process, or give us a call at 423-434-4454.