Physical Collections

Physical Collections

Physical Collections

Your Library houses over 130,000 items in thoughtfully-curated collections. We continually refresh our collection with new fiction and nonfiction titles, including high-demand bestsellers. Each year, we add around 9,000 new works.

Our collections contain items for children, teens, and adults. The Children’s Library is noteworthy in its collection of exquisitely-illustrated and award-winning children’s books. Our extensive selection for adults includes books, graphic novels, audiobooks, reference and large print books, newspapers, magazines, and DVDs. Teens find a wide variety of young adult fiction and nonfiction, as well as graphic novels.

Special Collections

Graphic Novels

Our extensive graphic novel collection combines vibrant art and text for a unique reading experience that offers appeal particularly for reluctant and emerging readers.

Our children, teen, and adult graphic novel collections are rapidly growing with both recently released and classic titles. The collections include fiction, nonfiction, and biographical graphic novels. We also have a growing collection of manga for all ages.

Explore your Library’s digital comics collection through hoopla digital.

Spanish Language

Your Library’s Spanish language collection is an all-in-one resource for Spanish speakers. Nonfiction, Spanish language literature, and translations of popular English titles are available. You can also find cookbooks, self-help books, and books about computers and technology in Spanish.

We also have a selection of Spanish movies on DVD. 

Your Library houses Spanish language resources for kids as well. We have many picture books in Spanish or in both Spanish and English. Kids can also find books that are mostly in English but feature Spanish vocabulary.

Nintendo Switch Games

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MarioKart 8 Deluxe

Video games stimulate creativity, focus, and visual memory. We currently offer around 30 different titles, from RPGs like Zelda, to classic single and multiplayer Mario games, to exercise games like Just Dance and Switch Sports. You can find available Switch games on the New Book display across from the Circulation Desk. Switch games can be checked out for one week.

Browse our catalog to find your favorite Nintendo Switch games in our collection.