Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our Mission

Through both traditional materials and emerging technologies, Johnson City Public Library offers a multitude of learning opportunities and entertainment choices in a dynamic center for the community.

Our Values

  • Learning
  • Helping
  • Freedom of Information
  • Community
  • Customer Focus

Our Culture

We are dreamers.

We cultivate imagination by connecting people with new worlds and ideas to explore. We approach our work with curiosity and a sense of adventure because we recognize that when horizons are expanded anything is possible. We take risks because we believe that missteps help us grow.

We are attentive.

We take time to notice the needs of those around us. We care about people’s concerns and respond to them in a thoughtful way. We listen to each other and to our community because we believe that we can only truly help people once we have heard them.

We are empowering.

We foster lifelong learning and education because we know that knowledge is power. We give people equal access to the quality information and tools they need to learn, imagine, and succeed. We believe that nurturing discovery at every age is essential for continual growth.

We are hometown.

We are the community crossroads. We provide safe, shared spaces where people from all walks of life can come for learning and entertainment, connection with others, and a sense of fellowship. We belong to our community and care about its health and growth, so we offer a place where exploration, mutual respect, and collaboration are nurtured.

We are welcoming.

We treat every person with kindness because we recognize that all people have dignity. We are people who carry this open-hearted spirit wherever we go. We exist to serve everyone in our community, so our doors are open to all.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Johnson City Public Library is committed to fostering a respectful, inclusive, and welcoming experience for everyone. We honor human dignity and embrace the ways in which people are both similar and different. We stand for equity of access to our services, spaces, and collections. Your Library provides safe spaces for all people of our rich and diverse community. The Library’s staff and Board of Directors ensure that our organization will reflect these ideals in all we do.