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Learn Spanish at Your Library

Learn Spanish at Your Library

Looking for a way to learn or practice Spanish? Join your Library's Spanish conversation group Thursdays at 6 p.m.

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Hannah Kiger

Do you want to learn Spanish but not sure where to start? Or looking for a way to practice your existing Spanish skills? Join your Library’s Spanish conversation group!

Every Thursday at 6 p.m., ETSU Spanish professors Dr. David Korfhagen, Dr. Matthew Fehskens, and Dr. Felipe Fiuza, and Library volunteer Callie Longo lead a conversational Spanish group at your Library.

All language skill levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced speakers. We meet in the Library’s Jones Meeting Center.

Call Adult Services at (423) 434-4454 for more information about Spanish at your Library.

We recently talked with Callie about the Spanish conversation group and what to expect when you attend.

How long have you been teaching Spanish at the Library?

I started this conversation group in 2016-2017. I had never done anything like this prior to starting the group, but I really enjoy it! I wouldn’t call it a class as much as a place to just practice speaking and getting to know others.

Are these sessions just for English speakers, or can native Spanish speakers also attend?

I really love having native Spanish speakers join the group! When you have someone who grew up speaking a language, they’re able to provide more context about how phrases are used, such as different idioms or slang phrases that help a conversation transition smoothly. Native language speakers can also explain how different words are used, and can help with pronunciation.

Why do you think it’s beneficial for people to learn another language?

I think learning a second language is good because it opens up experiences and relationships that you wouldn’t otherwise have. By learning a second language, you have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and get to know people that live, speak, and believe differently than you. With these relationships, you start to see the world differently and learn to think about challenges in a different way.

Did you know your Library has a growing Spanish language collection of books and DVDs? Whether you’re a native speaker or learning Spanish as a second language, visit our catalog or drop by the Library at 100 West Millard Street to discover what we offer!

You can also continue developing your language skills with our free online language learning tool, Transparent Language!