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Teen Advisory Board Creates Unique Space for Teens

Teen Advisory Board Creates Unique Space for Teens

TAB is a platform for teens to share ideas with Teen Services staff. It gives them a sense of ownership and investment in their Library.

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Hannah Kiger

Your Library’s Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is an open forum for the exchange of ideas between teens and Library staff. It creates a platform for them to discuss the Teen Space, collection, programs, and vision for the future.

TAB meets one Wednesday a month and is open to all teens ages 12-18. The group meets next on Wednesday, June 26 at 6:30 p.m. in the Library’s Teen Space.

If you’re interested in participating but have questions, call Teen Services at (423) 434-4349 or stop by the Library’s Information Desk on the second floor.

What TAB Offers Teens

TAB is an opportunity for the open sharing and consideration of needs, ideas, and inspiration between teens and the Library’s Teen Services staff.

Teen Librarian Kip Polmanteer says, “TAB offers teens ownership of their space and encourages the development of important life skills like communicating with others, budgeting, and decision making. It also helps instill a sense of investment in their Library as an institution.”

Along with helping make their Library a welcoming and empowering space, teens can also strengthen their college applications or professional resumés by participating in TAB. TAB members earn one volunteer hour per meeting.

TAB meets in the Library’s second-floor Teen Space. During the meeting they discuss different topics relating to the young adult collection, upcoming events, and other Library projects. Teen Services staff work to incorporate these ideas in the Library’s Teen Space, collection development, and programming.

After attending three meetings, teens can choose to become TAB Agents. TAB Agents earn opportunities for extra service, as well as perks along the way.

What TAB Does

TAB’s ideas and feedback are invaluable; they help ensure that their Library’s Teen Space is a safe, supportive, and positive place where all teens feel welcome. TAB gives Library staff a golden opportunity to better understand and acknowledge the needs and desires of our community’s teens.

TAB has taken on special events and projects in the last few years. In 2019, TAB applied for, presented, and won a health initiative grant from ETSU Elevates. The grant enabled TAB and the Library to host a weeklong program about teen mental health in 2022.

In 2020, TAB members gave input for the City of Johnson City’s Child Friendly Cities Initiative, which helps the City improve the lives of its kids and young people.

Call (423) 434-4349 or stop by the second-floor Information Desk to find out more and join TAB.

Check out our calendar of teen events to find more upcoming opportunities. Follow Johnson City Public Library on Facebook and Instagram to get updates about Library programs, collections, and services.

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