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Into the Wild: Outdoorsy Nonfiction

Into the Wild: Outdoorsy Nonfiction

Our region is full of opportunities for outdoorsy fun! Find recommendations for hiking guides, camping cookbooks, and manuals for outdoor sports.

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Hannah Kiger

The Appalachian Highlands region is full of opportunities for outdoorsy fun, from hiking and camping to mountain biking and kayaking. Whether you’re new to outdoor adventures in our area or have lots of experience, your Library has a large collection of nonfiction books to help!

Below you’ll find our recommendations for Tennessee hiking guides, camping cookbooks, and beginner manuals for outdoor hobbies and sports. Click the book titles or covers to place holds on ones that interest you.

Hiking Waterfalls in Tennessee Cover Blog

“Hiking Waterfalls in Tennessee: A Guide to the State’s Best Waterfall Hikes”

Johnny Molloy has compiled a list of incredible Tennessee waterfall hikes in this guide from the American Hiking Society. Divided by each region of Tennessee, his list includes directions to each hike, their level of difficulty, and other important information to spark your interest in the natural beauty of our state.

Feast by Firelight Cover Blog

“Feast by Firelight: Simple Recipes for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors”

Want an easy, five-star meal while enjoying the outdoors with friends and family? Pick up Emma Frisch’s cookbook for tips on prepping outdoor meals and delicious recipes with step-by-step directions and ingredients.

Pendleton Field Guide to Campfire Stories Cover Blog

“The Pendleton Field Guide to Campfire Stories”

Camping is not complete without a good campfire story. Pick up this field guide for works of poetry, prose, and short fiction that create the perfect ambience for sitting around a fire!

Training for Mountain Biking Cover Blog

“Training for Mountain Biking: A Practical Guide for the Busy Athlete”

This easy-to-read handbook is perfect for both beginners and seasoned athletes. Will Peveler breaks down the sport into areas of training, equipment needed, nutritional tips, and more to curate the perfect training plan for your needs.

The Art of Kayaking Cover Blog

“The Art of Kayaking: Everything You Need to Know About Paddling”

Make water safety a priority by diving into Nigel Foster’s crucial tips and techniques for your kayaking adventures! This instructional guide includes how to navigate tough bodies of water, how to react in inclement weather, and more.

Sleeping Bags to Smores Cover Blog

“Sleeping Bags to S’mores: Camping Basics”

If you’ve been wanting to go camping but have no idea how to get started, look no further than Heather and William Rochfort’s “Sleeping Bags to S’mores.” From picking the perfect campsite to what to wear and eat on your trip, this book dives into everything you need to know to have the time of your life outdoors.

Adventures in Nature Cover Blog

“Adventures in Nature: Stories, Activities and Inspiration for all the Family”

This family-friendly adventure guide by Dawn Nelson provides you with fun activities, recipes, and stories for each month of the year for your family. Learn about the best beach activities in July and the yummiest holiday baking recipes in November and December!

Discovering the Appalachian Trail Cover Blog

“Discovering the Appalachian Trail: A Guide to the Trail’s Greatest Hikes”

Joshua and Amber Niven explore the expansive Appalachian trail in this field guide, providing beginners and thru-hikers alike with mileage markers, tips, and stunning photographs. Read exactly which turn to take as you travel up in elevation to experience those stunning views!

Road Trips Cover Blog

“Road Trips: A Guide to Travel, Adventure, and Choosing Your Own Path”

Ready to go on a road trip and make new memories? Pick up Jen CK Jacobs’ guide to road trips! She writes about travel planning, tips for packing and eating on the road, and commemorating your adventures through photography and journaling.

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“Forest School for Grown-Ups: Explore the Wisdom of the Woods”

From survival skills to mythical woodland fairy tales, get lost in this collection of informative stories by Richard Irvine. Forest spells, tree lore, map reading, and ancient gods are just a few exciting topics that Irvine intertwines with the wisdom of the woods.

Thank you to User Services Library Clerk Alexis Lamb for compiling this list of our favorite outdoorsy adventure books!

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