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Intrapreneur Louis Gump: Creating Change from the Inside

Intrapreneur Louis Gump: Creating Change from the Inside

Louis Gump has years of experience as an intrapreneur, creating organizational change from within. On Tuesday, April 9, he'll talk about his new book.

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Hannah Kiger

Your Library is hosting a book release and author talk with the award-winning writer and intrapreneur Louis Gump on Tuesday, April 9 at 6 p.m. in the Library’s Jones Meeting Center.

Gump will talk about his new book, The Inside Innovator: A Practical Guide to Intrapreneurship, in a conversation with former WJHL journalist Josh Smith. The book will be for sale at the event, and Gump will sign copies and meet attendees after the talk.

What is an “intrapreneur”?

While entrepreneurs pursue new enterprises, intrapreneurs focus on finding innovative ways to create change within existing institutions. If you’ve ever worked to bring about change in an organization or business from the inside, you’re an intrapreneur!

Who is The Inside Innovator for?

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The Inside Innovator, published in March 2024 by Fast Company Press, is a practical guide for anyone interested in using creative methods to bring about organizational change.

Through inspiring anecdotes, practical advice, and actionable techniques, The Inside Innovator offers people strategies for creating meaningful institutional change.

In his talk at the Library, Gump will share insights and strategies from the book, which have been gleaned from many years of experience working with leading companies and startups.

Who is Louis Gump?

Louis Gump, who grew up in Johnson City, has spent his career as an intrapreneur within large corporations, as CEO and entrepreneur within smaller companies, and in strategic industry leadership roles.

He now serves as president of Cambian Solutions, which provides advisory services and thought leadership to businesses and organizations interested in innovation and sustainable change.

JCPL User Services Manager Wendy Day believes Gump’s ideas and advice are especially important for Johnson City as it continues to grow, because his perspective highlights how innovation is essential for progress and growth.

“With roots in Johnson City,” Wendy says, “Gump possesses a unique understanding of how his principles can enrich our local community.”

“Whether in business, community development, or education,” Wendy continues, “we can all contribute to our community’s vitality through our own innovative thinking. I’m excited to hear more about this at Gump’s talk.”

Learn more about Louis Gump’s experience and book. For more details about his talk at the Library on Tuesday, April 9, call Wendy Day at (423) 434-4355.

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